Why is it that you poets

Roman Osminkin

Festival of videopoetry «fifth leg» 2013

why is it that you poets
leave so late
it’s clear you’re not miners
you’re not headed for the slaughter

have a look at pushkin
lermontov from a bullet
they fell in a duel
why the fuck are you still here?

look there’s gumilev
whirlwind of the revolution
look at blok as well
whirlwind of the revolution

esenin’s bell stopped ringing
khlebnikov went crazy
tsvetaeva committed

mayakovsky became
incomprehensible to the masses
he spoke the floor is yours
comrade mauser

fucking mandelstam too
couldn’t feel beneath his feet
either the country or fear
thanks to pasternak

but then pasternak
was also hounded
although he did of course
manage to live a bit

life in the absurd shattered
kharms’ nerves
while vvedensky from the beginning
followed the example of death

aronson was created
not of this world
an evil dose devoured
vysotsky vladimir

but you came to an agreement
one day with evtushenko
and grabbed hold of life
like something kushner-shaped

i’m joking of course
go on and live long
well, not eternally of course
that would be indecent

or maybe you could show them
sprinkle your poems with blood
lay your health down
on the altar of the elements

in any case our books
are murky to them
that’s enough from these philistines
enough giving them the finger behind their backs

translated by Jon Platt

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