LUV (Dushechka)

poem & video — Liza Gotfrik & KARA

She’s got two hubbies 6 feet deep in one end of the city and another
Here’s the story of the Merry Widow a.k.a. Luv, your ears to smother.

She got her master’s in biathlon at sixteen,
Was so hot like no one in the hood ever seen.

Her dad’s in the army, mom’s a doc, she’s top of the class…
But then the whole mess kicked off with gunfire and brawls of the badass.

Then came playoffs, Luv’s first to tear the tape,
Winter’s freezing, adrenaline, excited gape.

Then comes a bar, vodka shots and Mr Coach a.k.a. Quad
Then guys pulled her out of car to some village huts
Then came sauna and some well-pumped butts.
Some unshaved’s howls: — We won’t hurt you, love.

Somebody pours more, somebody turns on porn
Then it’s all mist, and she has no leggings on.

A gangbang it was
There were eight, tall as trees
At first she cried «no»
By the morning — «More, please!»

Then a mind gap comes, all’s drowned in the fog
She recalled only nicks —
Skull, Blade, Hell and Hog —
Accomplices in rape, or just playa dicks.

Only a month went by
And five of them were obliged to die
Word in the the gang was — some beasts on the loose

And they got Hog through his armored goose.

Quad thought to himself: fuck Skull, I’ve got a new deal
This chick has arms and hands like steel.

Now Mr Coach comes up in the locker room
— Listen, Luv, here’s you bucks, here’s your gun,
It’s clean, and here are your tasks,
From now on you’ll do as I ask.

A firm arm, strong hand and a true eye,
Won’t easily let you die.

Then came marriage, great prospects.
Next job,
Fee is handsome enough to buy a new flat.
It was a tough evening, let’s not talk in detail about that.

Early in the morning, as dawn rays pass,
Luv starts to can meat in large jars of glass
That used to be legs of Nimble from the gang of Bizon,
Sitting nearby, otherwise healthy and monitoring horizon.
You get an order — you’ve got to fulfill
And see your business through, that’s a fair deal.
Nimble was wrong anyway
Giving his buddies to cops away.

Luv spent all the 90s like that, it was phony.
In her nightmares Hitler fucks McDonald’s Ronnie.
Fire in her cunt, her heart is a total mess
Want to know more?

Then the noughties came, with silicone bimbos
Luv drills her team to come up at Olympics
Her hubby was killed by a fallen brick
Bad karma, Luv thinks, bye-bye, you poor prick,
She wept for awhile, then married a banker
Who started with street crappers earning on hanker.

No more dirty jobs for her.
Here’s Pimple, going to hospital to see his bro
He’s got a dozen bullets, four in the head
Luv’s hand is firm and so she earns her bread.
Fishy walks out of the drycleaners
The Merry Widow got him too, shut up you wiener.
Is it good to have a Scorpion gun?
It is good to have a Scorpion gun.

Couple of years passes, inheritance here,
But the second hubby is nowhere near.
Marble crypt, and Luv looks sexy even in the blackest,
Banker’s relatives weep chewing memorial matzo crackers.

Luv devotes herself to the job
Her team gets ready to compete in Europe
Just one Moscow trip that went all blooming wrong
And Yaponchik escaped first, like you’ve been told in the song

Kalmanovich should have died for adding Von
Condom factory director’s son thought he was a baron
His story ended with a bullet, not Alzheimer’s
But Luv realized she’s fed up and tired.
Bought a ticket to Bali and was quickly ready to go

Smooches to y’all, hello!

Вut you guys have to grip what I’m gonna say:
All guys bangbanged by Luv
Have for sure gone to heavens above
The guys above are all her buddies, they love her ass
So what’s this story about?
It’s good to graduate top of the class.

In 2007 in Moscow the First Russian Festival of Video Poetry «ZRIA!» («FOR NOTHING!») was organized with a support of «Crocodile» magazine. The moderators of «ZRIA!» festival were Ekaterina Troyepolskaya and Andrey Rodionov. «ZRIA!» festival, later renamed into «Piataya noga» («Fifth Leg»), takes place every year in November at «Pioner» cinema in cooperation with «Cine Phantom» club, and it is the biggest film festival in Russia. Its films are screened at Moscow international Film Festival, Venice Film Festival Biennale, London Book Festival, Kansk Festival.

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