Arseniy Gonchukov

Festival of videopoetry «fifth leg» 2009

no sorrows exist, and no summer has ever existed
no ultimate truth, no love, honey, so much the more
only I exist, being mowed off in autumn
by vodka, pancreatitis, and fatal ladies

no Moscow exists, but this is only known to
those living here in its old befouled blocks
the only one who exists is a white-oh-so-white Polish girl
passingly somewhere in Poland, her name was Grace

no America exists, this I know for sure
oh Lord, everything is so invented, chewing gum for a breath fresh
only I exist, and the eyes that are nothing like the sun,
the eyes of a girl who exists but no one will find her

calvish rhymes do exist, just to make it easier
morning exists, and a bus on the road, on the run, on the fly
mom exists, getting smaller as time passes by
son exists, to grow up and revenge himself

seconds pass by, things aren’t getting easier, I’m not getting wiser
from a tooth knocked out, or a sorrow, or a life head over heels,
or even the bell moving its lips
habitually tolling for everyone and for no one at all

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