A Poem of Commodity Fetishism

Laboratory of Poetry Actionism

You are to desire,
You have to be desirable.
You cannot abandon the race:
If you stop, you’ll stop existing.
The time has come
To change the subject.
You’re stagnate.
Look around: your model of reality is outdated.
You can no longer think the way you used to.
New times have dawned.
It’s not a time for waiting.
It’s time to act,
Time to buy vehicles,
Specially produced vehicles.
Specially produced for those
Who have nowhere to go, but somewhere to hurry.
Experience the drive:
As it is, you’re incapable of feeling anything in any case.
Decide for yourself what else you can do.
Connection has become easier Right when
You don’t feel like connecting with anyone.
But you stay online:
What if suddenly someone has
To send you a bill
Or only another Advertisement.
Advertising is our guide to a world of commodities.
Although it’s no longer so handy
For showing the exit out of this world.
But even this is good enough.
What’s the matter?
Take your pleasure double-sized,
If only at the expense of an atrophied will
And desire scattered across the surface.
Good feelings are guaranteed
At a volume corresponding
To the category of ticket you bought.
Bring your friends,
Get a bonus.
It is only in this world that
Chains of centers could exist.
Chains of centers of warranty service for subscribers
Out-of-range of history.
Verily extensive this chain of shopping-entertainment complexes.
For real men, there is the castration complex.
For the fair ladies, penis envy.
And we have something special in store for the little ones.
No one will be bored.
If you find it cheaper somewhere else,
Come in, don’t be shy.
We’ll give you back your money.
We’ll put you back in a good mood.
We’ll restore your youth,
Spent waiting for the seasonal sales. B
ut you won’t find anything
Cheaper anywhere else.
And take note of the fact
That there’s lots of free stuff here

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